Lux Hair Supplement Smoothener Shampoo 450g + Conditioner 450g Set

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For thin and tangled damaged hair. Keratin amino acids (repair ingredients) formulation, full moisture and natural shine strongly * 1 to supple hair.

* 1 Prevents broken hair

* INTAGE SRI Total Hair Care Market (excluding hair restorer) June 2018-May 2019

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Amino acid compounding ingredients for all products in the series
Amino complex EX * 1 , a complex of amino acids, is added to all products in the hair supplement series . Furthermore, different amino acids are blended into each product according to hair quality and use.

Why do you need hair amino acid supplementation?
About 85% of the hair components are made of protein, and they are lost little by little in the daily routines mentioned at the beginning. Lux focuses on that fact. The “Lux Hair Supplement Series” was developed based on the importance of supplying amino acids, which are protein constituents, to the hair.

acid supplementation to 3STEP care hair
In hair supplements, in addition to supplement gel shampoo and supplement treatments, there are two types of treatments. Firmly supplement your hair with amino acids.

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