Huggies Platinum Diapers Newborn 66S (1Carton=3Pack)

S$ 42.00
  • Cushiony 3D Poo-Away Liner
  • Soft Stretchy Waistband
  • Wetness Indicator²
  • Slim Absorbent Core Technology
  • Runny Poo Pocket
  • Cottony Air Fresh Cover
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Singapore's No. 1* Newborn & Small diaper is even more impressive now, with new and improved features that better contain your newborn's surprises.

New Huggies® Platinum Diapers  have superior absorbency¹ locking wetness away so baby stays dry overnight.
The cottony air fresh layer helps eliminate dampness, allowing baby's skin to stay fresh and dry.
Clinically proven to help prevent diaper rash³. 

1. Cushiony 3D Poo-Away Liner
Specially designed for runny poo. This unique soft liner minimises contact between diaper and your baby's delicate skin, as it quickly absorbs runny poo and wetness away.
2. Soft Stretch Waistband
Provides an ultra gentle, flexible and comfortable yet secure fit around your baby's waist.
3. Wetness Indicator²
Has yellow designs that turns blue when wet. This helps indicate when baby may need a diaper change.
4. Slim Absorbent Core Technology
Superior overnight abosrbency which locks wetness away withou the bulk.
5. Runny Poo Pocket
Helps prevent back leakage from baby's runny poo, especially when baby is lying on his/her back.
6. Cottony Air Fresh Cover
Helps eliminate dampness inside the diaper, allowing baby's skin to stay fresh and dry.  

¹ Based on research on average urination rate of babies per 12 hrs. 
² Store in cool and dry place. Unsuitable storage conditions could result in fullness indicator turning blue before use. 
³ HUGGIES diaper formulation of dryness and breathability was clinicially-proven on babies and met the criteria to significantly help prevent diaper rash or dermatitis.

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