Gillette Skinguard Sensitive Shave Gel 200ml Skin Protection

S$ 5.90

hydrates and refreshes deeply, shielding men's skin during the shaving process. Alcohol-free, it features Aloe Vera to prevent unpleasant sensations!

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includes a touch of soothing Aloe Vera to offer an extra comfortable shave, cooling the skin. In fact, this ingredient is pivotal to moisturizing facial hair, allowing the razor the glide effortlessly along your face. Thus, a small portion of this gel is enough to protect your complexion against all kinds of external threats, preventing burning, redness, or itching. Specially designed for sensitive skin as well as dermatologically approved and alcohol-free this option is truly inclusive. All in all, it not only visibly increases personal comfort but is bound to produce optimal results in no time. Meanwhile, take advantage of Menthol and Eucalyptus Leaf Oil to ensure the shaving process runs as smoothly as ever. Finally, this product is perfect if you are looking to simplify your skincare routine without sacrificing the pampering facet!

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