Friso Gold (Stage 3) Milk Powder 900g (1-3yrs) LocNutri

S$ 28.50
  • with LocNutri™ technology
  • 100% imported from Holland (by Malaysia)
  • contains Vitamin D, B6, C, & Taurine, Selenium, GOS, Zinc and DHA
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Friso Gold 3’s new and improved formula with LocNutri™ technology is formulated to meet the nutritional demands of your growing child. Give him the nutrition he needs with Friso Gold 3 for an easy digestion, thus allowing him to be stronger inside.  100% imported from Holland (by malaysia) and contain no added sucrose

Your Young Explorer gains confidence every day as they play, laugh and learn. Seen through their eyes, every moment is precious, whether it’s walking through the park or blowing bubbles in the bath. Friso Gold 3 has the essential nutrients such as Vitamin D, Vitamin B6 and C, Taurine, Selenium, GOS, Zinc and DHA which supports your child’s overall growth and natural body resistance. 

Nutrient in its native structure is easy to digest. Friso Gold’s LocNutri™ technology uses mild heat treatment during milk manufacturing process to preserve the nutrient.

When your child has a good digestion system, he will be stronger inside, thus allowing him to explore more on the outside with you.

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