Dr.Morita Whitening Essence Facial Mask 8s

S$ 13.50

Rich Source of Youthful Renewal 

A Natural Formular for Everlasting Youth and Beauty

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Tranexamic acid - whitening ingredients. 
Mandelic acid - Gentle metabolism of old horny, bright and delicate skin. 
Lavender - Dimming dull, soothing, bright complexion effect. 
Glycyrrhizic acid extraction - extracted from licorice root, soothing, white skin effect.

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Many modern people have allergies, natural substances may also have allergies, so be sure to use the inside of the arm test for 10 minutes, the next day if no allergies, re-use. 
‧ For sensitive skin, please consult a dermatologist. If skin does not feel well, stop using it immediately and consult a doctor. 
‧ Do not cover the mask with face for a long time 
‧Do not use when the skin has a wound or swelling, sunburn and other conditions occur. 
‧ Do not touch the eyes, in case of accidentally touching the eyes, immediately rinse with water. 
‧ To ensure the quality, please open the aluminum bag immediately after use. 
‧ Used mask, do not use it twice. 
‧ Please keep out of the reach of children 

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