Dove Deodorant Spray 150ml Nourishing Secret Coconut & Jasmine

S$ 3.50

Start every day restored with this nourishing jasmine flower and coconut deodorant, inspired by Indian beauty rituals.

• Fragrance inspired by the beauty rituals of Indian women

• Enriched with ¼ moisturising cream for softer, smoother underarms

• Long-lasting antiperspirant deodorant with 48-hour protection

• With a creamy coconut and calming jasmine flower scent

• Mild and alcohol-free deodorant

• Easy-to-apply Dove deo spray

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After a long day, a restoring ritual makes all the difference. With a creamy and exotic fragrance, Dove Nourishing Secrets Restoring Ritual Antiperspirant Deodorant Spray with Coconut and Jasmine Flower helps to leave you feeling restored, relaxed and rebalanced for the second part of your day.

Inspired by Indian beauty rituals, our alcohol-free deodorant is made with ¼ moisturising cream, nourishing your skin to leave your underarms softer and smoother. With the creamy, caring scent of jasmine flower and coconut, this soothing antiperspirant deodorant envelops you in an exotic aroma, restoring your senses. Together with nourishing protection, our coconut deodorant brings a touch of balance to your day leaving you feeling restored and protected.

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