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DHC Medicated Deep Cleansing Oil 150ml

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Cleansing makeup and pore dirt cleanly, moisture cleansing oil

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make-up remover that simultaneously realized "overwhelming cleansing power", "washout of smooth all" and "moisture".
As well as hard makeup, of course, stubborn pore dirt, old horny matter, extra sebum, rust plugs are tightly removed without difficulty. There is no nulling or oil film feeling at the time of rinsing, it is a smooth wash-up. In addition, we pursued gentleness to the skin by blending a variety of conditioning ingredients including the finest olive virgin oil. While removing the make-up and dirt cleanly, it's original prescription that does not deprive the skin what is necessary, leads to a clear, clean skin with moisture. Skin quality, regardless of age, you can use it for everyone.
Because it does not dissolve the Eyelash extensions of adhesive (glue), you can use it during the eyelashes Extended use ※ .

※ Depending on the type of adhesive (glue) and adhesive condition, it may not be available.
No fragrance · coloring · paraben free · natural ingredient formulation · mineral oil not used · petroleum type surfactant not used.

Also make a hard makeover float! Overwhelming cleansing power
Make and dirt that could not be dropped hinder skin turnover and cause dullness, spots, and drying.
"DHC medicated deep cleansing oil" quickly becomes familiar with make-up and dirt, it lifts up from the skin, just by gently rubbing like massaging. Smooth oil enters deep into the pores and catches until dirt that hardly falls. Not to mention hard makeup, as well as make-up make-up make-up make-up hard, stubborn pore stain, old horny and dirty oil that makes skin shiny, extra sebum, gently remove prick plugs that roughen the skin.

With null, no oil film feeling at all! Even though it's oil, it's a wash of slippery
While it is an oil, it changes to a hydrophilic moment when you touch water. Signs familiar with water become white turbid. Instantly leave your skin while holding make-up, dirt, and old horny skin. For this reason, there is no oil left on the skin, realizing smooth washing with no nulling or oil film feeling that tends to occur in oil cleansing.

Incorporating natural beauty ingredients, pursuit of gentleness to the skin. Do not deprive moisture

"DHC medicated deep cleansing oil" is a valuable olive virgin oil "flor de aceite (extracted from olive fruit of Spanish organic cultivation" Vulgin OilExquisiteFlower) "Is blended into the luxury. Grinding olive fruit hand-picked with traditional stone mill. We did not use excessive squeezing and gathered only slightly dripping oil, "Flor de Acesite (virgin oilExquisiteFlower) ". Because it has a composition similar to sebum, it protects the skin gently. In addition, it adds conditioning ingredients such as rosemary, licorice derivative, and vitamin E that are popular as beautiful skin herbs. It is kindness that is unique to "vegetable oil" that does not use any mineral oil or the like that is burdensome on the skin.

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