Delia White Fusion Illuminating Soft Day Cream SPF30 50ml

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ultra-hydration and photo protection 

vitamin C verbena extract


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White fusion 

comprehensive series infused with vitamin C and red algae extract, designed specifically for skin with melanin overproduction to give it a new fairer look.

Each product has been created with the ultimate aim of eliminating dark spots and dullness to restore radiant, clear and healthy appearance to your skin.

Red algae extract - natural ingredient which supports whitening to reveal the natural skin glow.

LPD lightening - vitamin C protects the skin from photo damage and inhibits skin pigmentation.

verbena extract - this active ingredient has wonderful anti ageing properties: smooths, moisturizes and fights wrinkles.

hydromanil - natural plant derived component which shows exceptional moisturizing properties, helping dehydrated skin to restore the balance.

Day cream - it is a basic and essential product in everyday skin care. in addition to beneficial actives, it is enriched with sunscreen protection against UVA.UVB rays to protect your skin from hyperpigmentation during daily hours.

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