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Delia Botanical Flow Cleansing Green Clay Mask 10g

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Natural coconut water

relief for oily skin prone to imperfections

95% natural ingredients.

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botanicalflow series will take you to a world filled with natural ingredients that makeup 95% of our products. We give you what we have gotten as a gift from the world - plant and fruits extracts, so you can have the benefits during everyday care, BotanicalFlow is a series of cleansing product, creams, elixirs and masks that will allow you create your own unique combination - ideal for your journey towards balance and harmony. Embrace life in harmony with nature and help your skin do the same !


Simply something that you need i was made to freshen up, cleanse and leave you with matte complexion. I work effectively when your skin has visible imperfections, needs to freshen up and get rid of excess oil. i am active whenever you need. i am suitable for oily skin prone to imperfections. 95% of me is made from natural ingredients and you won;t find in me any parabens and artificial colouring. i take care of you, because this is what i do !


Green clea- rich in mineral, has cleansing qualities and reduce the production of sebum

coconut oil - one of the healthiest oils in the world that well nourishes and soothes the skin.

Coconut water - rich in mineral and vitamins including vitamin c and has antioxidant, conditioning , moisturising and smoothing qualities.

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