Cyclax Lavender Massage Body Cream 300ml

S$ 9.90

A richly formulated massage cream, which gives the right lubricity for an effective, relaxing massage. Lavender is renowned for it’s smoothing and toning qualities, it’s fragrance especially helps the body relax when stressed and tired. Apply a small amount into the palm of your hands and massage into body. Repeat once cream has been fully absorbed.

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Lavender is a natural ingredient with a wide-ranging list of benefits. Cyclax Nature Pure Lavender Massage Body Cream provides the opportunity to benefit from the Lavender oil’s natural properties while making a moment to take care of your mind and body.

Using the lavender’s relaxing scent allows you to truly rest, relax and focus on the moment, massaging where your body needs relief. Massage into your hands to warm before applying Cyclax Nature Pure Lavender Massage Body Cream to the body, then gently move in circles as the aroma releases the day’s tension from your mind and body.

Cyclax Nature Pure Lavender Massage Body Cream is richly formulated to allow your hands to glide with ease and deliver an uninterrupted flow across the skin. A massage with rich cream will leave our mind feeling relaxed, your body soothed, and your skin soft and supple. Treat yourself to some me time with Cyclax.

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