MamyPoko Extra Soft Tape Diaper Large 40S (1Carton=4pack)

S$ 54.00
  • 4 packs (62 pcs/pack)
  • Size L (9-14kg)
  • Breathable cover
  • Stripes pad sheets
  • Super Absorbency
  • Natural Breathable Cotton-Like Cover
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Baby needs to sleep well to grow healthy and happy. MamyPoko, now with Stripes Pad sheet quickly absorbs and locks urine in for a much faster supreme dryness. Extra care for extra comfort, its Breathable Cover releases heat and moisture to avoid dampness and protect baby’s skin from irritation and rashes. 
Stripes Pad Sheets - MamyPoko, now with textured Stripes Pad sheet quickly absorbs for faster extra drying protection. 
Speedy dryness for extra comfort, keeping baby happy and dry the whole day through. 
Superior Absorbency - Enables longer usage and protection from leakage. 
Natural Cotton-like Breathable Cover - Releases heat and moisture to reduce rashes.
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