Caltrate 600+D 500IU Vitamin D Calcium Supplement (60Tablets)

S$ 21.90
  • 500IU Vitamin D3
  • 600+ D3 Calcium supplement
  • 2in1 dual action
  • Strong bones
  • Muscle health
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The importance of calcium

calcium is an essential nutrient that helps build and maintain healthy bones and teeth.

Who may suffer from weak bones?

A person suffering from weak bones may not know it until severe problems such as bone fractures being to occur due to a lack of calcium in the body. common risk factors to weak bones include low calcium and low vitamin D diets, smoking and sedentary lifestyle. both men and women particularly post menopausal women are susceptible to weak bones. hence, it is important to include calcium as part of your healthy diet.

The importance of vitamin d3

vitamin d3 is essential to maintain good bones and muscles health. recent studies have shown that vitamin d3 helps to support:

1. improved bone density through enhanced claium absorption

2. strong muscular function and improved muscle strength

3. improved muscle balance which can help reduce risks of falls and fractures.

Muscle health

500IU of vitamin D3 to help optimize calcium absorption & support muscle strength and balance.

Strong bones

600mg of elemental calcium for strong healthy bones.

2in1 dual action

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