Caltrate 600+D 400IU Vitamin D (60Tablets)

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  • For Good Bone & Muscle Health
  • 600mg Elemental Calcium
  • 400IU Vitamin D3
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Recent scientific studies indicate that daily intake of Vitamin D helps maintain healthy bones and muscles. Vitamin D plays an important role in supporting muscle strength hence supporting muscle balance, which are important for prevention of falls which may lead to subsequent fractures. Vitamin D also helps in optimal Calcium absorption to maintain strong bone health.

Based on clinical studies, the Vitamin D contained in Caltrate® can support muscle strength, helping to reduce overall fracture risk in both men and women.

Caltrate® 600+D can be taken with your multivitamin supplement. It is specially designed and film coated for easier swallowing. Caltrate® 600+D is tested to meet United States Pharmacopeia standards for dietary supplements and is manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices.

Recommended For

• Indoor / office workers who need additional Vitamin D for increased Calcium absorption
• Pregnant and lactating mothers (Please consult your healthcare professional before taking)
• Adults with low intake of Calcium and Vitamin D

  • Contains calcium carbonate- nature's most concentrated form of calcium. Each tablet provides more elemental calcium for your bones.
  • Contains 400IU of Vitamin D3 to help optimize the absorption of calcium in the body. 
  • Can be taken with your multivitamin supplement.
  • Is specially designed and film coated for easier swallowing.
  • Is tested to meet USP standards for dietary supplements.
  • helps to support healthy bones and your mibility. 
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