Bioleaf Scalp Booster Therapy 200g

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Bioleaf Scalp Booster Therapy is a unique treatment mask formulated specially for the scalp. It contains ginseng and dang gui to stimulate hair follicles, helping to prevent hair loss. Restores scalp's vitality and resilience to give healthy hair. 

The Bioleaf Scalp Booster is a one of a kind hair restoring treatment that will boost and enhance your hair growth efficacy so that you can experience confidence like never before. Restore and protect your hair today with the Bioleaf Scalp Booster Therapy.

Suitable for people with thin hair or people who are experiencing hair loss. 

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Scalp Booster Therapy is specially designed for noticeably thinning hair problem. Formulated with ginseng and several chinese herbs which help to restore vitality and resilience in the hair follicle, relieve scalp tension and replenish weak scalp with multi-vitamins and energies in order to create the optimum scalp environment.

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