Bio Essence Bio-White Advanced Whitening Serum 30ml

S$ 27.50

Tanaka + Camellia

advanced whitening serum

for rosy, fair skin

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Bio-white advanced whitening serum combines the efficacies of the whitening and moisturizing ingredients; such as Tanaka tree bark extract, Camellia extract, arbutin and white plus complex to give an effective whitening benefit. New improved formulation with bio energy complex makes the ingredients more effective in helping to fight and prevent formation of dark spots. it helps to lighten and brighten dull skin for a rosy and fair complexion.

Product efficacies:

fight pigmentation

helps prevent formation of dark spots and freckles

reduce dark spots

effectively fades existing stubborn dark spots and freckles embedded on skin

achieve rosy, fair skin

helps prevent skin darkening and enhance skin translucency

keeps skin cool and moisturized for overall healthy skin

enhance skin luminosity

improves dull skin tone for a revitalized whitening effect

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