Bio Essence Bio-Hydra Aqua Skin-Dewy Exfoliator 60g

S$ 21.90
  • infused with bio energy complex which boosts the delivery of moisture to keep skin dewy and hydrated
  • uniquely blended with three potent jeju marine algae, whcih get absorbed into your skin to enrich and lock in the bountiful natural minerals and nutrients
  • exfoliates dead skin layer for better absorption of subsequent skin care products
  • helps clear impurities and blackheads, brightening up dull skin
  • helps to enhance skin renewal, keeping it smooth and healthy
  • ultra gentle formula, suitable for daily use
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when dead skin starts to build up on the skin's surface, it can leave skin looking dull and rough. bio-hydra aqua skin dewy exfoliator helps refine skin texture by gently removing away daily build up of dirt and dead skin to reveal fresh and dewy looking skin.

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