Bifesta Cleansing Lotion 300ml Acne Care

S$ 13.50

cleansing lotion makes your skin clean and moisturized

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Bifesta's new unique refined micellar technology uses micelle of the smallest size ever* for the most effective and gentle cleans. It promises lesser number of wipes, time and force to remove all makeup impurities

incorporating an advanced double impurities floating function it quickly blends and lift off the toughest makeup impurities effortlessly.


While cleansing ingredients derived from lotion keeps moisture, it wraps up makeup oil quickly and wraps it 
up, not only makeup dirt but also old skin of the skin causing dullness will be dropped. 
Just gently patting with cotton, dark eye makeup, foundation of pores, 
and rubbing down to dullness and dropping it, to the skin with transparent feeling when used.

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