Bielenda Moisturizing Black Tea Power Luffa Mask 8g

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Perfectly refreshed, moisturized, smooth skin.

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The BLACK TEA 2in1 mask with luffa scrub is an INSTANT care for all skin types, especially dehydrated.

Capacity: 8 g

Provide your skin with daily HUMIDITY thanks to its natural active ingredients enclosed in a 2-in-1 hydro-gel formula with luffa scrub.

BLACK TEA EXTRACT - a source of flavonoids, polyphenols and caffeine, has strong antioxidant and moisturizing properties, regenerates, tones, improves skin elasticity and soothes.

LUFFA - a natural exfoliating ingredient, the so-called "plant sponge", perfectly cleanses the skin, removes dead skin, smoothes it.

The product cleanses the skin, gives it a radiant and fresh look, restores the softness of the epidermis. The mask moisturizes the skin, supports the improvement of its elasticity and appearance, leaving it refreshed and smoothed. The peeling provides a gentle but effective exfoliation, thanks to which the absorption of active ingredients contained in the mask is more effective.

*Due to packaging redesign and improvements, these may not reflect exactly the product you receive*

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